Group Tours

Throughout the year, we welcome community organizations, schools, non-profits, businesses, and other groups by appointment only.

Due to time constraints and demand, we unfortunately are unable to give everyone a tour. Our tour minimum is 10 people with a $15 donation for each person. Groups smaller than ten would make a minimum donation of $150 to meet the same requirements of a larger group.

We understand the inconvenience. However, our staff is very busy caring for our residents, and any time we take away from our regular duties needs to be beneficial to the sanctuary.

The good news is that we generally have public days at least once a month for fundraising events and all are welcome to attend and meet the residents! Check our Facebook calendar for upcoming public events.

Visiting Guidelines

·         Footwear: We strongly recommend wearing comfortable and sturdy shoes as this is a walking tour.

·         Food: For the safety of our rescued animals and you, we do not allow any food on the tour. We know it's tempting but many of our rescued residents are on special diets and can be harmed from other foods. For their safety and well-being, please do not feed them anything. We require that any snacks brought on-site be vegan as per our policy below.

·         Vegan Policy: Out of respect for our mission and the values we uphold, we require that any food brought on-site be vegan and free of anything from an animal (flesh, milk, eggs, etc). We are happy to recommend nearby restaurants that have vegan options for after your visit and have a handout to help in this regard as well.

·         Dogs: We love dogs! However, for the safety and well-being of our rescued residents, especially those that roam freely like our chickens, we are not able to allow dogs on the sanctuary grounds or tours. Further, for the safety of all dogs, it is our policy not to allow dogs to remain unattended in cars on our property. Temperatures can quickly rise to dangerous levels inside cars. Further, while we wish we had the staffing and resources to offer to care for your dog while you take a tour, we are not able to do that at this time.

·         Accessibility: Tours include unpaved paths, but the terrain is mostly flat or only slight hills. If it's been raining then the unpaved paths can become muddy. If it hasn't rained much in the days leading up to your tour then the path should be fine for wheelchairs and scooters.


Nonprofit Organizations & School Groups

·         $10 per person

All Other Groups

·         $15 per person